stableDEX IEO Token Sale ends in:
IEO Distribution:

Of the 100,000,000 tokens initially issued by stableDEX, only 45,000,000 tokens will be available for the IEO sale. STDEX will be immediately tradable on and other exchanges after the IEO has ended.

10 STDEX = 1 Euro
No Minimum
Start: July 4th, 2019
End: August 31st, 2019
IEO Supply: 45 M Tokens
10M : 70%
15M : 50%
20M : 20%
STDEX Listing Price
1 STDEX : 0.10 Euro
About us
Welcome to The stableDEX
The stableDEX platform offers a 100% decentralized peer to peer trading environment. By using stableDEX you retain full custody and control of the assets within your wallet.
The Platform
Why Choose Us?

Using a blockchain is cryptographically secure - a decentralized exchange is…


No single authority or company has control, the network cannot manipulated by a single…

Cost effective

Innovative System through decentralization to decrease transaction fees…

StableDEX Exchange Features
Examples of platform features which will benefit the community:
Decentralized Trading

At all times, you as Trader maintain full custody and control of your funds within your wallet which resides on the Ethereum blockchain.

Margin Trading

You have added purchasing power through leverage of your assets, and can purchase more assets than the value of the available cash in your wallet.

Transaction Mining

You will be paid while you are trading. More you trade, more you earn! You will receive STDEX Token and thus enable you to reduce your transaction costs. As we prioritize empowering our users, we've integrated tools like the Bitcoin Revolution trading bot, enhancing trading efficiency and optimizing opportunities within the cryptocurrency landscape. For further insights into our platform and strategies, you can explore and learn more about Bitcoin Revolution, gaining valuable knowledge to bolster your trading endeavors.

Algorithmic Trading

You can build and connect your personal trading algorithm and trading strategy thanks to a realtime advanced websocket API connection. A bot like crypto bank, a well-known trading robot with backend algorithms that automatically handles cryptocurrency trading, is the best illustration of algorithmic trading. Go to the official crypto bank website for additional information.

Asset Manager Tools is developing a non-custodial tool and institutional crypto wallet technology which enables you as an Asset Manager to trade your client’s crypto assets without having custody of your client’s wallets.

Loyalty Rewards

stableDEX welcomes everyone to enjoy the STDEX token Loyalty Program. Hold at least 10,000 STDEX tokens in your wallet for at least 30 consecutive days and receive loyalty rewards as shown in the table here: (read more)  To sign up for the program click here.

Low Transactions Fees

In STDEX: Market Maker/Taker : 0.05%
In Base Currency: Market Maker/Taker: 0.15%
Withdrawal Fees: NO withdrawal fees on

Zero Listing Fees

stableDEX is not charging a listing fee. Instead, the token issuer buys a certain amount of STDEX token to distribute within their community. This supports their token and the stableDEX ecosystem.

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Our Token
What is STDEX?
STDEX is a token, based on the Ethereum blockchain technology. It is the core asset of the new stableDEX Marketplace.
Token sale terms
stableDEX - STDEX
Fixed Limit:
~2,500,000 USD
45,000,000 STDEX
1 ETH = ~10000 STDEX
Min Purchase:
No Minimum
Start Time:
Juli 4 (9:00 AM)
End Time:
August 31 (11:59 PM)
Fund distribution
  • 60% Token Price Support
  • 13% Operational Costs
  • 12% Marketing
  • 10% Platform Development
  • 5% Advisors
Token distribution
  • 45% Distributed to Community
  • 35% Transaction Mining
  • 12% Founders and Team
  • 5% Advisors
  • 3% “Bounty” campaign
Our Strategy and Project Plan
Q4 / 2018 vision, research and concept development
Q1 / 2019
stableDEX incorporation
STDEX (ERC20) Token creation & Audit
DEX Development
Q2 / 2019
Marketing and Branding
Platform Launch - Alpha release
STDEX Token IEO Phase 1
Q3 / 2019
Platform Beta Test
Platform launch - GO LIVE
STDEX Token IEO Phase 2
Q4 / 2019
API Connection for automated trading feature
Transaction mining takes place
Margin Trading
stableDEX Token Sale is ongoing
Our Team and Advisors
Meet Our Professionals
Bertram Seitz
Co-Founder & CEO
Roderick Warren
Co-Founder & CTO
Florent Reshani
Full Stack Developer
Alessio Palmiteri
Advisor Exchange
Areeb Majeed
Latest News
Partners & Technology